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Tools for making a game

All the free software I use and are in my radar as a solo game developer

// Art and Visuals
• Blender
• Inkscape
 • Vectornator
 • Canva
• Coolors
• Google Fonts
• Game UI Database
• ColorPick Eyedropper

// Audio
• GarageBand
• Bosca Ceoil
• Audacity
• LabChirp

// Publishing and Promotion
• OBS Studio
• Nvidia ShadowPlay
• Shotcut
• CapCut
• AppMockUp Studio (mobile devs check this out!)
• DaVinci Resolve

// Planning
• Trello
• GoodNotes 5 (okay not free), but its my digital paper

// Version Control and Code

• GitHub

• Visual Studio Code

// Game Engine

• Godot

• Unity

The list is a mixture of both 'free' proprietary as well as FREE and open source software (FOSS).

Its an important distinction to make.

When it really matters, it's best to stick with FOSS rather than free proprietary software.