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Phone, Tablet, and Computer Backup

This is a setup you can do to allow for backing up all your devices into one location. Your total setup cost will vary, depending on if you already have most of the hardware. Software will only cost $60/year for off-site secure backup. An optional one time fee (of $120) for Plex, if you decide to use plex. Syncthing is free and open sourced!

Software Used

Plex is optional. I use this to view all photos from all devices on any device, such as phones, tablets, and even on the Roku! However, you do not have to use this for backing up all your data.

Hardware Used

  • Hard Drive - Recommend running in RAID10, but is optional
    • You can usually find a 14TB external hard drive for around $180.
  • Computer - I use Windows, however, I am sure you can use Linux or even a Mac

Syncthing Setup

Synthing on Server

You will need to first setup Syncthing on your computer that will be handling the backups. In my case, I use a Windows computer with an external hard drive.

Install the latest version of SyncTrayzor from Releases · canton7/SyncTrayzor (, make sure to run the 64-bit version. You can use this direct link, but it could be an old version: SyncTrayzorSetup-x64.exe

Once setup, you shouldn't need to open up a port, since Syncthing will automatically find connections locally and remotely!

I would just delete the default Folder provided. We will want to add Remote Devices, AKA your phone and tablet. So keep up the program, since we want to keep pinging out.

Make sure to pull up QR code for Android devices under Action > Show ID

Syncthing on Android

Download Syncthing - Apps on Google Play on your Android phone.

Delete existing folders

Let's add server device. Tap to devices, then tap on plus to add new device. Tap on the QR code and scan QR code from server. (On server go to actions > Show ID). Add name and save! On Server computer make sure to setup device there.

Now that the server is connected, let's setup the first folder to backup

Hit plus button to add new folder for full backup. I usually enter the folder name. Tap on directory and go to root directory (or camera directory, if you only want to backup photos and videos) for your phone. If you have an SD card, you will need to do that as a separate folder. (The new S21 phones don't have SD cards anymore). Tap on Allow Access. Now toggle ON the server to sync to. For folder type, set it as Send Only, so, you can't make changes from server. Allow watching for changes. Everything else is fine. Now save!

Go back to your server, and you should see a New Folder alert!


Click on Add, update Folder label. I either keep as is, or rename to device name (if I have another folder within device I add hyphen and the difference)

Change Folder path to the new storage hard drive. Make sure to create a folder specifically for this folder syncing and it is empty.

Optionally you can setup File versioning. This allows if a file is deleted you can restore. Simple File Versioning works well. I set "clear out after" to 0 days and keep up to 3 versions. 

Under advanced, you can set folder type to receive only.

Hit save and watch the magic happen.

If you find the remote device (The Android Device) keeps disconnecting, it could be due to it going to sleep. Make sure to change your settings to never put syncthings to sleep. Also, within Syncthing Settings > Behavior, make sure "Start service automatically on boot" is checked. In Syncthing Settings > Syncthing Options, make sure "Restart on Wakeup" is checked as well. You can go through settings and set it up the way you want.

Syncthing on iOS

There are apps available for this, however, I have not tried it yet.
Here is the app if you want to try it out! ‎Möbius Sync on the App Store (

Syncthing on Windows

Same setup as the server. Should be pretty self explanatory. I usually backup the whole USER folder only.

Syncthing on MacOS

This has gotten much easier. Just install Releases · syncthing/syncthing-macos ( Works for both M1 ARM64 and Intel x86_64. I would recommend it starting up on login within Syncthing preferences. I back up the user folder only.



Setup will be similar to other platforms.

I have setup a `.stignore` file to ignore specific folders and files:

Photos Library.photoslibrary


BackBlaze is super easy. Sign up here for a free month! When setting up Backblaze, make sure to backup your whole external drive, or which ever drive you have setup. Now just in case the drive goes bad, you have a backup of it secured off-site!

You can then set up plex under settings > manage > libraries. under photos, or whatever you want you then point to the camera directories. This will allow viewing of all device photos and videos from one app!