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Hosted Games

We have made the minecraft server private If you want to play, go ask on discord. I will need to whitelist you. No griefing or perm ban. We log all activity at this time to see people who cheat or grief so they can be banned.


Gaming Services Gaming Services

Here we have information on Stadia!

Project xCloud

Gaming Services Gaming Services

here we have information on Project xCloud


Gaming Services Gaming Services

Here we have information on GEFORCE NOW!

Steam Store

Gaming Services Gaming Stores

Epic Games

Gaming Services Gaming Stores


Gaming Services Gaming Stores


Research Later

This is a list of URLs in which I may want to come back and do more research on and create a page on possibly. Who knows, maybe I will never have time to come back to it. To Be Researched Technology Free Music See Free and Roya...


Website Technology

Here I will layout different forums, and the ones I have used and ones I currently use. Forums I use Flarum (  I still use at Tech Talk Forum My personal preference I used to use: Simple Machines (https://www.simplemachine...

Free and Royalty Free Stuff

Website Technology

This will be a list compiled of free pictures, music, videos, and other assets to build websites, videos, music or pictures. Music Unminus ✅ Royalty Free. Cleared for YouTube. ✅ You can use it for commercial and non-commercial pu...

Phone, Tablet, and Computer Backup

Security & Home Tech

This is a setup you can do to allow for backing up all your devices into one location. Your total setup cost will vary, depending on if you already have most of the hardware. Software will only cost $60/year for off-site secure backup. An optional one time fee...

Amazon Luna

Gaming Services Gaming Services

here we have information on Amazon Luna

DNS - Block Malware/Adult Content/Ads

Security & Home Tech

This will not explain everything, however, I will try to go through as much as I can with this. Introduction DNS is very important in connecting to a website. A Domain Name Server will take a domain name and then give back an IP, so your computer can connect...

Email Services


This page is being researched Secure email: ProtonMail is free encrypted email. Email Hosting | Ad-Free Business Email Hosting - Zoho Mail Google Workspace (Formerly G Suite): Business Collaboration Tools Outlook – free personal email and calendar from Mic...

Free Resources


Loyalty – ON1   A Youtube video on how to take videos with phone

Software - To Replace Adobe


On1 Photo Raw ON1 – Photo Editing Software for Mac and PC This has been amazing software, I do not have enough time to go over it, however this has replaced lightroom and mostly all photoshop I do. Affinity Affinity – Professional Creative Software (serif....

Developer Tweets


Vitto Rivabella 🥑 on Twitter: "As a developer, the first thing a customer wants to see is your portfolio. If your works are not well presented, you might lose a customer and money. How do you create a portfolio that converts and doesn't miss a shot? 8 tips to ...

Web Development Helper Sites


A New Internet

Research Later  


Website Technology

My Websites (In no specific order): adb...